Sierra Vista Fruit Exchange


Saturday: Plums, Tomatoes

08/15/2008 -
All --

well here it is high summer and we have NOT made a ton of progress on organizing the phantom produce collective. I blame myself and my absurdly over-packed schedule -- but i think about it every day!

I'm out of town this weekend and we have a huge glut of stuff from my parents' garden in Alamo. There are a ton of yellow japanese plums -- not sure what variety they are. Also an amazing crop of sungold (orange cherry) and early girl type beefsteak tomatoes. the tomatoes are awesome, the plums this year are inconsistent -- some have been delicious, others substandard. they're perfect for cooked dishes (tarts, cobblers, jam, whatever) , hit or miss for eating fresh.

I am going to leave a few bags of these goodies on my front porch at 1154 Robles and I beg you to come and pick some up! let's not let this good stuff go to waste. it will be waiting on the wicker loveseat, fist come, first served, please, don't be shy. we'll be gone until Sunday evening.

Hope everyone's having a great summer!