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Third time's the charm?

02/29/2008 -
Hi people! I still have our third attempt at meeting up for a quick cup of coffee at metro calendared for tomorrow morning at 9. Are we on?

Let's do it!


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Meet your neighbors at Metro 1/26

01/20/2008 -
Hello people!

As promised, I am beginning to shake off the post-holiday overwhelm and move on with life. Erika Pringsheim-Moore, owner of the lovely Metro restaurant at the bottom of our little hill, has graciously offered the patio for us to meet up and discuss our budding local produce movement.

The proposed date is 1/26/08 at 9:30 in the morning, for about one hour. Coffee and some kind of light breakfast snack will be served, and it's a family affair for sure.

Please RSVP if you would, since if most people don't find this date convenient I will move it into february. This will be just a get-to-know-you for the most part, and all sierra vista folk are welcome.

If you still want to be involved, please tell your neighbors to come! This little adventure will definitely get more exciting the more people we can involve.

I've made contact with the people at deer hill ranch to see if they were interested in joining up with us (they sell fresh eggs and grass fed beef). They seemed enthusiastic about the idea of a local food sourcing venture (though they didn't seem to want to offer us a group discount on their six-buck-a-dozen eggs -- yet!) Anyway, there's much to discuss, but for now, in the short dormant season, let's just chat and learn a bit more about each other. I look forward to meeting those of you whom I don't already know in person.

Please let me know if the breakfast date works for you.

Best, Amy

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