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01/25/2008 -
All --

I have heard from very few people about the Metro get-together tentatively planned for tomorrow, and apparently there is a major winter storm blowing through here for the next several days. It might be a bummer to be on the patio in bad weather, and I'd like to see more of the folks who said they would be interested in a neighborhood group, so I am suggesting a change of date to February 16th, also at 9 o'clock and pending Erika's ok on gathering at Metro on that day.

In the meantime, please chat this up with your neighbors and let's get as many people involved as we can. You do not have to be a garden-obsessed foodie to join in... it happens to be a passion of mine and a main tenet of what I want to do, but the point is to build a strong neighborhood community. So tell a friend!

So -- Feb 16. All in favor?

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