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Happy Holidays

12/21/2007 -
Hello Neighbors.

This probably goes without saying, but my fruit and veggie mission has taken a backseat to the cold season and the holiday preparations. I hope you are all having a lovely end of the year.

Once the smoke clears, I'm going to make good on my promise of a functioning website and a meetup date. Erika has graciously volunteered the patio at her swanky restaurant, Metro, for a get-together... details to follow.

Meanwhile, we've got a nice crop of meyer lemons and navel oranges. (Anyone got blood oranges, clementines or grapefruit?).

We also have a ton of mistletoe that we took out of our ash tree. If anyone wants some for holiday decor... please come and get it, or let me know and i will drop some off at your door on one of our many jaunts up and down the hill.

Happy holidays to all!


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