Sierra Vista Fruit Exchange


Capay Valley CSA

02/20/2009 -
Hey guys!

So, our neighbor to neighbor farmer's market has been a bit slow to get off the ground. (I still have meyer lemons aplenty -- anyone want to trade? We're looking for grapefruit, fava beans, or any other early spring delicacies you might be hiding!)

Note: We have acquired some laying hens and will be harvesting eggs by April. We'll have more than we need so anyone in the 'hood who wants to trade for really fresh fresh eggs, let me know. I will also happily sell them for a teensy fraction of what you'd pay at Safeway for a much less nutritious product. Interested neighbors, ping me any time. Our breeds are barred plymouth rock, silver-laced wyandotte, black star, buff orpington, which all lay large brown eggs, and ameraucana, which lay blue, turquoise or green eggs. Omelette anyone?

In the meantime, I wanted to mention that I've been availing myself of a local CSA service that delivers to the door. The farm is Capay Valley Farms ("Farm Fresh to You") -- these guys can be found at ferry plaza and elsewhere and have a good, wide variety of crops -- especially well known for their tomatoes). They deliver in Lafayette on Thursdays, and have a number of different box types to choose from -- i get the standard one which costs 29.00 per week and has a great variety even at this time of year. My last delivery included potatoes, pea shoots, carrots, kale, italian radicchio, tangelo and grapefruit, fennel, leeks, collard greens, apples and kiwi fruit. Thursday night dinners have become veggie-palooza over here -- this week we had fresh mashed yukon golds, collards and kale sauteed with pancetta, a crisp, bittersweet salad with shaved carrots, radicchio di treviso, arugula and cabbage, and maple-sweetened baked winesap apples for dessert. YUM! And everything but the pancetta and the maple syrup came from the farm. summer deliveries include lots of stone fruit, squashes, tomatoes, cucumbers and the like. The quality is high, the people are friendly,and the service is flexible -- you can email them and communicate easily if there is something you want more or less of. Wintertime is very heavy on leafy greens and citrus -- but that's what's growing around here now, so it makes sense. you can arrange for all kinds of options, schedules, etc. they really do want customers to be happy and bend over backwards to accommodate.

I just wanted to toss it out there that these guys are already sending a truck to the neighborhood every week, so if you've been tempted to try a service like this, I would recommend them. go to if you want to investigate. meanwhile -- have a great February. and please stay in touch if you are looking to trade backyard produce with neighbors.

Locally yours,