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06/29/2016  — 

Missing 1963 Bing Log

I screwed up and lost track of my old board near Trail 5 at San Onofre Bluffs campground this past weekend. Seems like it walked away. If you see this board, please let me know.


  • 9'6"
  • D-fin
  • Serial Number 2699
  • AWFUL patch-jobs on the deck
  • small rounded tail block

Though it may already be on a 747 to Tokyo, it's probably not super valuable. Hope to see this thing again...

Low rocker
D-Fin, leash hole
Split-eye Bing Logo
Tail and Belly
Bottom, patches
Serial No: 2699
More Bottom

10/29/2014  — 

A Wave

Big Wednesday. It happened the other day: one of those weeks where the buoy graphs are flat except for a sharp peak right in the middle of the week. Some storm from some far-off place sent a burst of energy our way, then stopped.

I got up a little late and saw that the bridge was jacked-up. After texting and sitting on the fence a while, I decided to just go and do it.

The paddle-out was TOUGH! I haven't been surfing nearly enough to be in shape. Also I don't remember exactly what happened on Tuesday night, but something I ate for dinner (or possible second-dinner) wanted to let me know that it was still hanging around.

I paddled for about 45 minutes, nearly barfed once, nearly gave up once. Somehow I was able to recover, find a little riptide and get outside (where I could sit and recover further).

Anyway, eventually I got lucky with a pretty sweet wave. I got luckier a few days later when someone pointed me to this:



12/27/2013  — 

A wave

Oh that was a good one. Merry Christmas!

It was pretty big out there today. I made it outside and caught a few. At one point I found myself sitting away from a group of guys when a set came in. The first two waves were nice looking and I was about in the right spot, but I let them go by. A few of the nearby guys were paddling toward me as the third, biggest one of the set came through.

A little voice in my head said, "I think I could make that."

Then I heard a loud voice from outside my head saying, "GO! PADDLE HARD!!!" That was the winning vote. I turned, paddled, and made the drop.

Yeah, I got munched right after that picture was taken. I'll figure out how to make the most of those barrely sections at some point...

Thanks Brien.

10/22/2013  — 

A wave

I rode a wave this morning. Thanks Darren.

It lives here.

03/28/2013  — 

Surfing on Easter Sunday

  • [16:22] surfer1: sigh
  • [16:25] surfer2: log today, fish on easter sunday?
  • [16:25] surfer2: I mean log tomorrow...
  • [16:25] surfer1: hmm
  • [16:25] surfer2: wasn't jesus a fisher of men?
  • [16:25] surfer1: I'd like to, BUT I think it'll be crowded
  • [16:25] surfer1: scared of dings
  • [16:25] surfer2: isn't the fish the most christian of surfboards?
  • [16:25] surfer1: thinking log tomorrow, log sunday, fish monday
  • [16:25] surfer2: or is it the log?
  • [16:25] surfer1: it is, people sign them with a jesus fish sign
  • [16:26] surfer1: heh jesus WAS a carpenter
  • [16:26] surfer2: because the cross was made of logs
  • [16:26] surfer1: I think that's a kookbox

12/20/2012  — 

2012 Overheards and Observeds

10/23/2009  — 

Shopping for Used Surfboards

09/28/2009  — 

Story of a Surfboard: SF Green Ten-Footer

09/08/2009  — 

Story of a Surfboard: 1963 Bing

09/05/2009  — 

Dings With Stories

03/26/2009  — 

Twitter-Based Surf Report Flowchart

03/09/2009  — 

Top 10 things to do now that Song-A-Day is done:

12/05/2008  — 

The Magic of Surf

07/29/2008  — 

No Effing Way

06/12/2008  — 

Ryan & Chris score surfings hat trick.

05/15/2008  — 

Linda Mar Extreeeem #2

05/14/2008  — 

Double Surf-Swap Happiness This Weekend.

02/10/2008  — 

Surfed, not rocked

01/12/2008  — 

Mavericks today!

01/01/2008  — 

Happy 08!