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10/19/2009  — 

HELL -- Your Soundtrack For Halloween

A few years back, the Greacens hosted a halloween party and decided to put some spooky sounds together to complete the mood. A friend and I ad-libbed a few lines and performed some spookiness with random junk in my studio: sticks, a violin, and a few microphones.

The result: four minutes and six seconds of HELL.

Go ahead and download 20091015_hell_001.mp3 (~5mb) for your own nefarious purposes.

Blast it on the home hi-fi during the trick-or-treat hours and see how many kit-kats you have leftover. Let me know how you use HELL.

Enjoy! See you in hell.

12/04/2008  — 

The Darjeeling LTD. Tunes

I caught a few minutes of Darjeeling Limited again the other night. I love it.

Wes Anderson projects usually rock a pretty decent soundtrack. Even the traditional Indian tracks are a lot of fun. Here's an (incomplete) sample...

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Go buy the movie or the soundtrack.