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02/10/2008  — 

Surfed, not rocked

I decided to surf this am instead of sit in my garage and write music. This was some long overdue activity that helped to clear my head even if it put me behind on my 29 song schedule.

The surf was decent! Winds were still offshore by the time I got to the beach (around 10am). There was swell! I think there were some 7+ foot sets coming in on the north end of the beach. I caught a few rides in front of the north parking lot then walked up toward those big waves around Crespi. My arms were out of shape after a surfless month, but I was eventually able to make it outside. Folks weren't really diving into those waves the way I expected. I think I could have done more with them, but I was distracted by a toy I had around my wrist.

I got a "Digital Hero" sports wrist camera for the holidays and took it out for the first time. I was able to snap some pics from the water, but didn't really shoot much surfing. I probably could have ridden some really nice (and really big) waves if I paid less attention to the doodad.

I'll upload some video another time. The camera captures some pretty trippy things during a wipeout.

02/09/2008  — 

Sifting through some stuffs on kodak

Yeah, so I admit to doing exactly what I mentioned earlier: I went through a bunch of old albums in my kodakgallery account. I realized that I got a booster applied to my gallery premium account at the last DIVCamp, take a peek:


Also, here's a pile of scanned historical photos I've collected along the way:

02/08/2008  — 

KodakGallery FINALLY integrates with the web

Kodak and Slide revealed their integration the other day. Now Kodak users can fill Slide widgets with photos from their albums. Yahoo!'s Flickr has always had (and continues to have) more web 2-dot-0-y choices for integrating photos, feeds, and streams of photos.

Personally I'm psyched to see this finally happen, and not just because I have a ZILLON ZIGABYTES of image data on the gallery (from the old ofoto times). Kodak has secretly had an XMI interface available on the net for years. Why didn't they want to exploit this 3 years ago? Their bandwidth costs can't be anything next to their storage costs. Seems like the surest way to lead people toward a cart (and conversion-event (print purchase)) is to have as many eyeballs as possible on the pictures.

Hopefully the Slide integration and recent Firefox plugin signal a new interest in opening up petabytes of photo data. Hopefully that lures a few old customers back to the site to dust off some of their long-forgotten photos.

01/21/2008  — 

34 million lattes on Howard St.

I just heard that Slide landed a big pile of funding. The fact that they're getting $50 mil on a $500 million evaluation is really cool too. It's WAY above the ~5 mil median and they're still only giving up 10% of the company. Congrats to you!

Slide's neighbors, Metaweb flush with recent funding too. They pulled a 42.5 mil B-round a few days ago.

Both of these companys should be around for a while. This comes to a little under 34 million lattes at Caffe Trieste. Both of these events hit the wires a few days after my recent Caffe Trieste post. Coinkidink?

01/09/2008  — 

Caffe Trieste in SOMA is the place

I've worked in SOMA for the past few years. It's a great place to be if you like soaking in the rich stew of several hundred startups. Most folks are working on neat projects. There's a great buzz!

A few places have turned out to be buzz-centers. Caffe Centro on South Park was obviously a place where you could overhear business plans, deployment strategies... Heck, I've seen Visio UML diagrams in their recycling bins.

Since our office moved toward Market St. we've been hitting the north SOMA locus: Caffe Trieste. Step in and overhear discussions on scaling plans for the next few quarters, schema changes, testing strategies... the talk is as rich as the pastries.

Of course it is, there are a zillion companies in the Trieste neighborhood:

These are only the folks I'd recognize. There are definitely a zillion others. Who else have you seen there?

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As for the coffee... it's great. Yes, Trieste is a local chain. The folks behind the bar at this location keep close contact with home-base (the original location) up on Vallejo St. Stick with the espresso drinks. They know what they're doing.

Look for me: I'll be on the couch with a small latte and a raspberry danish.