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10/05/2021  — 

New Day Undone

Hey- Sssshh... Don't tell anyone, but we've put our new record New Day Undone onto Bandcamp before it shows up everywhere on Friday 10/8. It's just for you, so get a sneak peek! Blast it.

As you may have heard, this new record has taken the scenic route through a couple of decades to get here. We wrote a bunch of those songs in the early 00s (maybe even the later 90s?), recorded the band in our SOMA rehearsal space before blert took a long long nap.

As you probably already know, the really good things that happen are usually the result of a group of people coming together to give their best. New Day Undone is no exception - the whole band dug deep to complete these songs. We even roped Dan and Nolan into performing on "Frozener" our reprise of a tune from our last record, For Obvious Reasons.

But as you'll definitely hear, the biggest boost to this rocketship came from Tasha whose vocal performance sparked the fire that'll propel these songs into your head and heart.

We think you'll love this next incarnation of blert. If we're right about that hunch, could you do us a favor? Tell a friend about blert. You probably know someone who would dig it just as much.

10/04/2021  — 

Blert album release: New Day Undone

There's a new blert album about to arrive. Check it out:

For Immediate Release Vernonia, OR and Oakland, CA - Blerito Records is excited to declare the release of the latest album from Blert, New Day Undone which will be available worldwide through most streaming services on Friday October 8, 2021.

CTRL-Z and Escape were released previously in September and December 2020 and revealed the addition of Tasha Danner on vocals. Blert has shown in its previous releases that it has the potential to reach for epic-ness in its songcraft. With Tasha’s involvement the band has realized more of that potential in New Day Undone.

New Day Undone contains guitar, bass, and drum tracks that were captured in the early 2000s upon which the band layered vocal tracks recorded in 2019 and 2020. The result is a blend of old and new sounds which will likely resonate with lovers of alternative and indie rock music.

1 · Escape
2 · New Day Undone
3 · CTRL-Z
4 · Blind Spot
5 · Place Among the Stars
6 · Start Plain
7 · Solitary Lines
8 · Rain's Coming Down
9 · Sold Out
10 · Leave the Lights On
11 · Frozener

More information is available in the following doc.

12/07/2020  — 

New Blert Song: Escape

If you follow blert on bandcamp, you've probably already heard this new song (will hit streaming services like Spotify on the 11th). We're still putting the finishing touches on a few songs that blert recorded back around 2002-2005 which we'll bundle-up in an album we'll call New Day Undone.

This song started out as "Bingo Bars" which had some of the dumbest lyrics ever written. Getting decent lyrics into my music has always been a challenge and the early version of this song is a great example of my verbal under- achievement. Yet we stuck with that song and even played it in front of audiences. Why? We really loved the music - it's very blert: a tricky rhythm, a weird harmony, a chance for something epic...

I remember when this song arrived, Neal and I were in our space at Downtown Rehearsal Studios and one of us found some book for drummers (icymi: drummers read!) about odd time signatures. The book contained exercises in which they lay down a beat in 4/4 and then add or drop a beat in a phrase.

Neal loved to experiment with beats and rhythms that don't fit into a mold and these exercises kept us on our toes. I liked playing simple guitar lines along with one particular pattern and then BOOM- something clicked. Bingo Bars arrived quickly.

Flash-forward to the now and between Neal and Tasha we have new lyrics which are so much more vital and current - we added some other arrangement twists that help this song really blast off. Hope you are ready to escape...

Feeling all the rage
Feeding it for days
The beauty has lost its luster
All I hear is hate
Seeing all the ways
We've seemingly gone insane
Think of all your lost ones
Peeling off the pain

Really must escape
Make for better space
The joys have drowned in our sorrows
Breath is hard to take
Giving up the game
Been feeling it for days
The moment has lost momentum
And belief is fake

Another one dead today
And rage is what I pray
Breaking all composure
Hey that's all O.K.
Time to leave this placev Some will choose to stay
There's no room for the dead ones
Everything falls away

In this age of madness
Filled with rage and a false sense of hope
We come so close now
Has it all been a fucking joke
Who writes the narrative
Where one thing is more than the rest
Destroy the premise
And escape this
Whatever you call It
And these things we are tripping about
The beasts in the room
Where the space between me and you
Is in doubt
How can we ever be free
Ever be free

How can we ever be free

Go listen: